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About Tradingene
How to start using the platform
What is Tradingene?
Tradingene is the marketplace for trading algorithms which gives investors access to the advanced algorithms developed on the platform.
How Tradingene works?
Tradingene is designed to connect investors and developers of algorithms in a fair market ecosystem.
What services can I get as an investor?
We provide two major types of services: you can either connect an algorithm to your account which will trade a designated amount of money, or you can subscribe to the trades of our algorithms in order to receive signals without connecting your account.
Which markets are available for your trading algorithms?
Currently, we work only with the cryptocurrency market but we plan to add traditional markets such as stocks, bonds, etc. in the nearest future.
What is a trading algorithm?
A trading algorithm is a set of rules written in a programming language that is designed to execute trades on an exchange without human interference. Trading algorithms may use one or more strategies in order to calculate entry and exit points.
Why do I need a trading algorithm?
Emotions are the greatest enemy of a trader, but a trading algorithm lacks this characteristics and sticks to its logic nonetheless the psychological conditions.