Best Trading Algorithm Competition
In March 2018 Tradingene starts the Best Trading Algorithm Competition giving our developers a chance to win 500$.
  • 1.12/03-12/04Abgar Sargsyan
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Competition Rules
  1. Your trading algorithm should be developed in the Tradingene platform (
  2. Full date interval from 01.07.17 to 01.01.18 should be chosen for the simulated trading.
  3. Any instrument with a long enough price history may be chosen.
  4. The number of trades should be not less than 30.
  5. The best algorithm is determined with respect to the profit-to-drawdown ratio as well as tothe results of an additional test (the details of the test would not be divulged to prevent "adjusting")
  6. To apply your algorithm you must launch the simulated trading, navigate to the "Simulated Trading Report" page and click the "Send to contest" button.
  7. The deadline for participating in the Competition is 14.05.2018, 23:59.
  8. After you apply your algorthim it's code will be copied and saved to prevent any future changes.
  9. Any algorithm is allowed to win only one competition.