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Why start using trading bots?

Work round the clock

Trading bots do not have vacations or weekends – they operate 24/7. That is why you can let it go now and spend more time with your close ones or do not worry about the internet connection. Be sure, if a trade should be made – it definitely will.

Lack of emotions

Since trading bots are basically lines of code, they are not subject to emotional decisions, which is the number one constraint for all traders and investors. Those traders, who manage to regulate emotional reactions, tend to outperform the rest.

Trade consistently

Every trading bot has an inherent strategy. It operates strictly according to this logic. That guarantees instant trading decisions which are then translated to the exchange. This makes the bot to be consistent and strictly follow the trading strategy.

Trading Bots vs. Manual Trading

Trading bots have a number of inherent advantages which put them above regular traders.


Trading with Bots

No emotions involved
Perfect trading discipline
Work around the clock
Strategy modification
Instant order execution
Historical results
Potential for diversification

High-quality approved trading bots

Tradingene is the only marketplace where all trading bots are developed by a professional community and pass a robust verification process.

Unique benefits for subscribers

Whether it’s traditional or cryptocurrency markets, Tradingene provides approved trading bots for all of them.


Exploit volatile markets to catch big movements


Benefit from a variety of instruments and high liquidity


Choose a strategy built on significant historical data

Available exchanges

Tradingene sends signals directly to your exchange or brokerage account. No additional KYC or flow of funds is required.
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