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What is algorithmic trading?
Algorithmic trading is the process of using an automated computer program to execute a set of trading instructions. Trading algorithms may use one or more strategies in order to calculate entry and exit points.
Why do I need a trading algorithm?
Emotions are the greatest enemy of a trader, but a trading algorithm lacks emotions and sticks to its logic at all times. Algorithms can use lots of factors, including time, price, volume and the other data.
Do algorithms guarantee profit?
No, just like any other financial instrument, a trading algorithm cannot deliver a predetermined result. But we provide the historical returns based on backtesting results, which can be used as a reference.
Which markets are available for your trading algorithms?
Currently, we work on the Russian and cryptocurrency markets but we plan to add US stocks and futures markets in the near future.
How can I choose the most suitable algorithm for me?
You can choose the right algorithm in accordance with your preferences: investment size, exchange, financial instrument, risk appetite – all of these parameters can be chosen by the filter in the Algorithms section.
Can I change an algorithm’s actions if I want to buy or sell at some point?
Each algorithm has inherent logic which directly influences its decisions and results, that’s why you cannot change algorithms.